Project Team Research: A Structured Agenda

George Mason University
Innovation Hall, Room 208

Facilitator BIO and CV.


Organizations cannot thrive without the work produced by project teams.  Much research on projects and on team exists. Yet not much research on project teams specifically has been conducted. How can we structure a research agenda on project teams and address issues of team selection, team development, learning, motivation, and communication; conflict management and well-being; leadership; diversity; performance from a multi-level perspective; and career development? How can organizational specialists (e.g., organizational behaviour, human resource management, industrial and organizational psychologists) work with researchers in the project management community? What topics and methods would be most useful for fruitful collaborations? A structured research agenda will be proposed that will foster theory and applied research on project teams.

Get the book The Psychology and Management of Project Teams (Oxford University Press) edited by François Chiocchio, E. Kevin Kelloway and Brian Hobbs.


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