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Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible.

Frank Zappa

Continue to embrace the things that make you unique even if it makes others uncomfortable. [...] And whenever you’re feeling doubt, whenever you want to give up, you must always remember to choose freedom over fear.

Janelle Monàe

Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible.

Frank Zappa

Continue to embrace the things that make you unique even if it makes others uncomfortable. [...] And whenever you’re feeling doubt, whenever you want to give up, you must always remember to choose freedom over fear.

Janelle Monàe

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The 21st Global Conference of the International Leadership Association will take place in Ottawa October 24-27, 2019. University of Ottawa's Telfer School of Management is the Platinum Sponsor.

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Spring/Summer 2018

May 7. I gave the opening lecture of the symposium The transfer of knowledge in genetics: from the population to the clinic [French] held at the 86th ACFAS conference. It was entitled Theoretical and Practical Framework for Knowledge Transfer: An Approach Based on Work Psychology [French]. Thank you to Karine Tremblay (ECOGENE-21 Clinical and Translational Research Centre), Marie-Ève Blackburn and Camélia Dubois-Bouchard (ÉCOBES) and Ann-Lorie Gagnon (Université de Montréal) for inviting me.

Winter 2018

April 30. I had a great day at Laurentian University where I gave a morning presentation on the theme of Patient Partners in Health Service Optimization Teams and Research Teams. In the afternoon I gave a workshop on risk management in research projects. I would like to thank Dr. Alain Gauthier, Director of the Centre for Rural and Northern Health Research (CRaNHR) and Dr. Tammy Eger, Chair of the Center for Research in Occupational Health and Safety (CROSH) for inviting me.

April 20. I am back from two weeks of teaching as a visiting professor at the IÉSEG School of Management. For a second year in a row, I taught team dynamics to master's students at the Lille and Paris campuses.

April 17. I am pleased to have been appointed Adjunct Professor in the Department of Family Medicine at McGill University. Thank you to Dr Gillian Bartlett-Esquilant, Director of Research and Graduate Programs, for supporting my nomination.

March 29. I am delighted to have visited collaborators at the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Center where I am conducting research on empowering managers in implementing new measures to provide better access to care for Francophone communities in a minority context. I was there with Dr Jacinthe Savard and Dr Katrine Sauvé-Schenk with whom I work on this study.

March 7. Thanks to the exceptional work of Dr. Céline Gélinas, we submitted a grant application to the Canadian Institutes of Health Research entitled Managing Pain in Collaboration in the Intensive Care Unit (MPIC-ICU): A Stepped Wedge Cluster Randomized Trial.

February 20. I am very happy to be part of the editorial team of the International Journal of Managing Projects in Business.

February 16. Every evening this week I held a webconference with each of the teams on the Complexity of Project Teams I give in the Masters of Business in Complex Project Leadership program. These virtual meetings augur well for the face-to-face part of February 21st.

Mahshid Gharibpour and Francois ChiocchioJanuary 18. I have mixed feelings as today marks the last day of PhD intern Mahshid Gharibpour. She arrived in September 2016 and our collaboration was fruitful. She is now back in Iran where she will finish her program in Human Resource Management  at Ferdowsi University of Mashhad. Good luck Mahshid !

Fall 2017

RCMP - GRC LogoDecember 15. Delivered a one-day workshop on project, team and ambiguity management to officers of the RCMP. We finished a litter early; nobody complained!

December 11. I was very happy to deliver the first ever project management workshop for students of our doctoral program in management

December 1. I got to facilitate a workshop today for a group of researchers, practitioners and patients of the Mind the Heart project. They are working on the implementation of mental health services following a cardiac event in men.

November 28. I attended a reception -- along many other scholars from the University of Ottawa -- to honor those who had a great year research wise. Pretty cool to be in that bunch. 

November 8. Montfort Hospital's first meeting of its Research Consultative Committee was very exciting. Thanks to Denis Prud'homme for his leadership.

October 25-26. The entire ARC project team is at a research retreat. We are finishing the feasibility study and we are planning the randomized controlled trial component.

Monika Jasinska

October 19. Monika Jasinska is a superstar again! She successfully defended her MSc thesis titled Project Management Practices in Small Projects: 5 cases in a Canadian Hospital Setting. Muriel and I are very proud of your work and resilience. On the picture: Stéphane Tywoniak (jury member), Monika, Lavagnon Ika (jury member), Muriel Mignerat (co-supervisor) and Onur Ozturk (Chair).

F. Chiocchio, J. B. Balda, A. Boitano, C. Cherrey

October 15. What a joy to be in Brussels for the 19th edition of International Leadership Association's Global conference! I am preparing to chair its 21st edition in 2019. Here I am with three Board Members: : Janis Bragan Balda, Aldo Boitano and Cynthia Cherrey.

Monika Jasinska29 September. I am pleased to report Monika Jasinska's first place at the best poster competition at the Sprott School of Business (Carleton University). The competition brought together students from this institution as well as those in Administrative Sciences from the Université du Québec en Outaouais and the Telfer School of Management from the University of Ottawa. I am pleased to co-supervise Monika with my colleague Muriel Mignerat. Congratulations Monika!

September 22. The International Leadership Association has appointed me as Program Chair for the 21st Global Conference to be held in Ottawa on October 24-27, 2019. Thanks to Ottawa Tourism for their important collaboration and to the ILA for their trust.

September 15. Excellent visit to the Thunder Bay Health Sciences Center where I am conducting a study on active offer. Thanks to Tracie Smith and Ron Turner for their hospitality.

September 8. I participated in Jean-Victor Munezero’s protocol examination on the topic Assessment of unit nurse managers' work engagement, its determinants and outcomes: A mixed methods study. Jean-Victor is a student of François Champagne and Lambert Farand of School of Public Health of the Université de Montréal. Bravo!

7 September. The local IMPACT project group met today at an advisory workshop for the Access to Community Resources (ARC) project and our research on the implementation of a navigator.

September 5. I am thrilled to welcome Mariam Hussein, my new PhD candidate. Welcome to Canada! Welcome to Telfer!

Spring/Summer 2017

August 21. I was at the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal today as an expert witness. Thanks to the team of lawyers from the Department of Justice for their support.

July 26. It was a real pleasure to act as an examiner for the thesis defence of Stéphanie Aboueid, a student of Ivy Bourgault and Isabelle Giroux. Stéphanie did very well in presenting her research entitled Nutrition Care Practices of Family Physicians and Nurse Practitioners in Primary Health Care Settings in Ontario - A Qualitative Study.

July 6. I met with several members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police as part of a consultation on their project team training needs. Thanks to Matthew Cacchione for organizing the meeting.

April 24. It was with great joy that I attended the thesis defence of my student Isabelle Tremblay. Congratulations for having defended so brilliantly your work on the influence of team identification in interdisciplinary teams.

April 20. I presented on the value of multilevel statistical methods as part of the Methods for Implementation Science Workshop in Global Health. Thanks to the McGill University's Global Health Rehabilitation Initiative and the REALISME Chair for organizing the event.

April 12. Many thanks to the CNFS and Savoir Monfort for their important support to a collaborative workshop on the identification of research themes leading to better health services for people in francophone minorities. The event was a success!

Winter 2017

Petronas Towers exercise

April 3. Today I taught my last module of my course on Organizational Behavior of Teams and of Systems of Teams, a component of the Masters of Business of Complex Project Leadership. Students and I worked on understanding how to build and repair trust in teams and networks. On the picture, only 52 minutes left for the four teams to a build LEGO replica of the Petronas Towers. This exercise helped us discuss workflow within and between project teams. Very exciting!

MarchIESEG Logo 18-31. What a great two weeks as visiting professor at IESEG School of Management’s Paris and Lille campuses! I had the opportunity to teach Team Dynamics and Complex Systems to Masters students. I was fortunate to meet other researchers with very interesting research and to initiate new collaborations.

March 13. I just delivered the third workshop in the Management of research projects series. Thanks to all participants.

February 22. Just finished a radio interview with Mr. Michel Picard of 94.5 Unique FM on my studies and on the Montfort Research Chair in Organization of Health Services. Many thanks to Mr. Picard for his professionalism and to Ève Gagné for her support. 

February 16. Today I got to meet with Telfer School of Management alumni to share on Myths and Evidence About Teamwork.

Xinxin ZHANG

January27. So happy to have a picture with my MSc student Xinxin Zhang for Chinese New Year !

January 24. I was awarded the Montfort Research Chair in the Organization of Health Services. Today was the official announcement and launch at Montfort Hospital. Thanks to all those who supported me. A very exciting day. 

January 6-8. So proud of my JDC 2017HR team and the entire Telfer School of Management delegation at the 2017 Commerce Games held in Moncton. On the picture: Camille Sigouin, Nicolette Szederkenyi, and Tian Xin (Celine) He. Janice Chapman, co-coach could not make it to the gala. 

Fall 2016

December 12. The fact that this was a very cold winter day did not prevent colleague Isabelle Gaboury and I travelling to Sherbrooke to present preliminary results from the Family Medicine Group study on collaboration. Always fun to meet with research participants and transfer knowledge gained from research they took part in.

16 November 2016. I was very pleased to meet colleagues from several faculties for my workshop on the management of research projects.

November 2. Already my second time at facilitating a workshop to university leaders on the topic of strategic change management. It’s great to be part of the University of Ottawa’s growth.

October 24-28. I was so happy to take part in a writing retreat with colleagues for all over the University of Ottawa. It was fun and productive. Thanks to Françoise Moreau-Johnson from the Centre for Academic Leadership for organizing this.

October 15-16. Co-coach Janice Chapman and I held the first of three retreats with our team of human resource enthusiasts Nicolette Szederkenyi, Camille Sigouin, and Tian Xin (Celine) He. We are psyched for the January Commerce Games.

September 12. This is the first day of orientation week for the very first cohort of students in the Masters of Business in Complex Project Leadership program. Welcome everyone!

Spring/Summer 2016

August 23. Spent the entire day with colleagues Nada Nagy and Jeff Lanthier at Université Laval’s Faculty of Administration to learn from their experiences implementing pedagogical innovations. Thanks to our hosts Jean-François Forgues, Roseline Boyer and Stéphane Dorais.

August 19. A full day of work with the IMPACT group. I got to discuss ways to measure the success of implementation projects in health care.

August 18. It was fun to serve as an external examiner for Martin Lauzier’s graduate students in mock PhD defenses. Great talents!

August 3. I am proud to be involved in the design of the Carrefour de la santé familiale d’Orléans. Mélanie Potvin is heading this initiative to create a health center for witch collaborative health service research is embedded in all aspects of the center.

July 29. I was invited by Philippe Marleau, along with colleagues Lysanne Lessard and Daniel Amiot to meet with Fujitsu representatives to examine the potential for conducting a study the implementation of a patient identification technology at Montfort Hospital.

July 27. I had a great meeting with Lise Richard from Société Santé en Français to work on a study on implementing training on Active Offer for hospital managers.

June 29-30. A full 2-day retreat for the ARC group which I am proud to belong to. We are setting the stage to implement health care community services navigation for Francophones of two important regions of Ontario.

June 23. I got to visit Canada Post’s distribution center in Ville Saint-Laurent. I familiarized myself with the challenges faced by both managers and employees.

June tremblay-chiocchio11. Back from the Canadian Psychological Association’s annual conference help in Victoria BC. Great to see colleagues and meet with students. I was humbled to receive the Joan Finegan Award for Service to CSIOP. Here I am one of my PhD students Isabelle Tremblay.

May 31. Took part in a full day of discussions and debates on project management offices in health care. This exciting day was hosted by Institut Santé et Société at UQAM’s Business School. Thanks to Monique Aubry for inviting me.

  • chiocchio-ladan-haccounMay 27. Congratulations to Ladan Mohebbinia for successfully defending her PhD thesis on antecedents of leader empowering behaviour. I had the opportunity to chair the defense which was very well done. Congratulations to her advisor Dr Robert Haccoun as well.

May 24. I took part in a focus group on technopedagogy at University of Ottawa’s Teaching and Learning Support Service in preparation for the change of our learning platform planned for the fall of 2017.

May 18. I was very happy to give a workshop on strategic issues in change management to University of Ottawa leaders.

Maychiocchio-joyner 7. Back from a great trip to the Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane where I met faculty and students from the Masters in Complex Project Management. I was interviewed by Kate Joyner.

April 2. Dr Silvia Bonaccio and I hosted the Long Range Planning annual meeting of the Canadian Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology. 


 Winter 2016

March 22Maral Elliot Francois Chiocchio March 2016. The Telfer School of Management's Carreer Center organized a great evening and showed a dynamic video. Many people were there including Maral Elliot a student I thought to and for whom I was the HR coach for Jeux du commerce.  

March 19, I got to meet with prospective and future students and their parents at the Teler School of Management's Undergraduate Open House.

March 17. With colleagues Christine Landry, Pharmacy, Hôpital Montfort, Denis Prud’homme, associate VP research at IRHM, Isabelle Gaboury, Université de Sherbrooke, Marie-Hélène Chomienne, IRHM, Martin Lauzier, Université du Québec en Outaouais, and Adèle Copti Fahmy, patient, I was awarded 77 000 $ as a Principal Investigator for a 2-year project titled Co-construction of medication reconciliation processes: a collaborative research on a training program focused on recognizing the needs and contributions of partners.

March 10. I was vey excited to be a panelist at a joint event held by the Telfer School of Management and the Ottawa Outaouais Valley Chapter of the Project Management Institute in the wake of the upcoming launch of the Masters of Business in Complex Project Leadership of which I am Academic Leader.

February 29. My book The Psychology and Management of Project Teams is now available at the Project Management Institute.

February 1 and 2. External examiners Gary Latham and Monique Aubry, and internal examiner Sylvie Lamoureux spent two days auditing all aspects of the Masters of Business of Complex Project Leadership. Their recommendation is positive! Many people worked very hard for this. Bravo to all!

January 30. I was proud to be part of the Telfer MBA Conference. I presented on team effectiveness along with David Roy who presented on high performing teams and my freind Antoine Devinat who presented on team integration and leadership.

January 10. I am very proud of the participation in academic games of my two Human resources teams. Catherine Nadeau, Maral Elliott and Paul Eom competitionned at the Jeux du commerce in Quebec City while Faraz Malik, Raffy Antranikian and Janice Chapman were competitionning in Toronto at JDC-Central. Bravo and Bravo !

January 4. A great start to the year. Robin Hebert sucessfully defended his thesis proposal. I have the pleasure of co-supervisiing him with Dr. Ivy Bourgeault. The title of his proposal is Initiation of in-hospital CPR: An examination of nursing behaviour within their scope of practice

Fall 2015

December 15. I was internal examiner for Nathaniel Leduc's thesis proposal. He did very well. Dr. Tracey O'Sullivan and Dr. Craig Kuziemsky  are his advisors. He is in good hands.

December 9. I took part in a hearing of the Fraud committee. Very sad to see that some students choose to cheat. If only they had known how severe the penalties are, they probably would not have tried.

November 27. I'm back from Burkina Faso where I have ongoing research projects. I had to cut my trip short because of the killings in neighbouring Mali and instability caused by the elections in two days. 

November 3. I had the pleasure of chairing Sara Simkin's proposal defense. She is a physician working under the supervision of Dr. Ivy Bourgeault on the topic of end-of-career practice patterns of primary care physicians in Ontario. She did very well. Congratulations Sara !

October 13. I enjoyed representing the Dean at the Bucharest Business School's graduation ceremony for the 18 graduates of the Romanian-Canadian MBA Program. Neil Swain from the Canadian Embassy was there and hosted a celebration at the Embassy afterwards. Also on the picture Dean Carmen Paunescu and Program Director Alin Angheluta.

September 9. I was in Washington DC where I gave a talk on project teams at à George Mason University. Thanks to Richard Klimoski and Lia Engelsted for inviting me.

Spring/Summer 2015

August 18. My project Do we stay the same across teams? A study of how we collaborate and perform when we work on multiple teams simultaneously has been accepted in the MITACS Globalink program for 016. Students from Saudi Arabia, Australia, China, India, Mexico , Tunisia and Vietnam who are interested can now apply (serch my name to find the project). The deadline is September 24, 2015 to 16 pm (PDT)

chiocchio telfer award 2015June 17. I am honored to have won the 2015 Telfer Award of Excellence. This award recognizes a professor who exhibits excellence and academic leadership in teaching, research, and service. It is an award voted by colleagues--professors and personnel alike. Thanks to all for this amazing recognition of hard work.

May 19. Glad to have given a talk at the BI Norwegian Business School on the topic of project teams.  

May 11-12. I took part in two days of training on teaching by cases provided by Ivey Business School professor Glenn Rowe. Thanks Glenn!

May 4. I represented the Dean at the Asteria Gala. Congratulations to all nominees and award winners in teaching, research and professional development at Hôpital Montfort.

Winter 2015

April 15Book cover. Oxford University Press published The Psychology and Management of Project Teams. Thanks to all who contributed to this volume!

April 15. Glad to have presented on healthcare project teams and the implementation of innovations at The Ottawa Hospital's Cancer Center. Thanks to Dr Cygler for the invitation.

March 19. I am now recognized as a Certified Human Resource Leader by the Human Resource Professional Association of Ontario . This adds to recognition by Quebec's Ordre des conseillers en ressources humaines agréés as a Certified Human Resource Professional.

March 16. An interview I gave to Forum [French] was published.

congratsMarch 6. My colleagues took me out for a celebratory lunch. 

Februrary 25. Two research projects on which I am co-investigator have been financed. One project is titled Reduce maternal and neonatal mortality across a region, an integrated approach to the management of pregnancy and childbirth. My role will be to study interprofessional collaboration in a change management context. The principal invistigators are Marie-Hélène ChomienneJean Charles Moreau, et  Samba Corr Sarr. The other project is lead by Valéry Ridde and is titled Results-based financing in maternal and child health. In this case I will be studying the impact of results-based financing on motivation and teamwork. Both projects received 1,000,000$ over 5 years and will take place in four West African countries: Sénégal, Bénin, Burkina Faso, and Mali. 

February 23. Its official. I got tenured. Telfer rocks!

February PMJ_Barcelona_201523-25. In Barcelona with the editerial team of the Project Management Journal during our annual strategic retreat. On the picture top rwo from the left:  Ralf MüllerAlexander KockChristophe Midler, Andie Davies, myself, Jaakko KujalaTim BradyJohn Steen; on the bottom row from the left: Monique AubryHans Georg Gemuenden (our Editor-In-Cheif), Fred Niederman, and Barbara Walsh.

February 4th. I was proud and happy to present on managing change projects to cancer experts during the Canadian Organization of Medical Physicists conference on World Cancer Day.

JDCC2015February 1st. The Human Resource team of the Telfer School of Management represented our delegation supremely well by placng 1st at JDC Central's case competition organised by the Canadian Association of Business Students. Emily Slade, Brooke Runions, and Negar Jeyrani: Bravo ladies! I am very proud to be your coach! 

January 26. I had the opportunity to co-chair the first ot two workshops on implementing a priorisation process of information systems projects with Manon Dugal (Executive Director of HR at University of Ottawa). Every HR stakeholder was there and the workshop was very productive. Thanks Manon for including me in this exciting consulting project! 

January 22. The room was full and 15 sites accross Cadada attended my presentation on managing improvement projects in healthcare. Thanks to présentation Dominique Cardinal and Isabelle Charbonneau of Centre national de formation en santé for inviting me.

January 19. The Telfer School of Management is proud to launch its new PhD program in management. Should you be interested in conducting research on my themes, do not hesitate to cantact me.

January 16. The chapter Marie-Claire Richer and I co-wrote titled From multi-professional to professional healthcare teams trans: The critical role of innovation projects has been published. Thanks Sebastian Gurtner and Katja Soyez for including us in their book. We are in good company.

January 4. It is with great joy that I learned that the Human Resource Management team composed of Emily Slade, Negar Jeyrani and Lana Brooke who represented Telfer School of Management at the Jeux du Commerce 2015 placed third in their competition. I am very pleased to have been your your coach. Well done ladies! You worked hard all fall and I am proud of you.

Fall 2014

December 11. Today Dean François Julien announced my appointment as Academic Leader of the Master program for leadership of complex projects and strategic procurement for executives and business leaders, which will be lunched in 2016.

December 10GroupeMetzDec2014AnneSophieFrancoisDec2014. Here I am (on the left) with students in the Telfer MBA program in Metz (France) during my course on Consultation and Change Management. We spent a very intense and rewarding week.

On the right, I'm with ENIM's Anne Sophie Clerc-Personne who is responsible for the program and its marketing. With Anne Sophie, the program is in good hands. 

November 27. It was necessary to update my photo... I'm having fun between takes with Lindsay Doucet who is a good sport.

October 30. I was awarded a grant from University of Ottawa's Teaching and Learning Support Service to transform my ADM2737 Human resource management [French] into a blended course. The project will start in January 2015 and the teaching of the course in its new format will start in January 2016. I hope to as well--or in fact even better--than in the past!

October MBA536 Oct 24, 201424. Students from the new 2014-2016 cohort of the Bucharest Business School hard at work in my Management Skills and Organizational Behaviour class cracking a case study in small groups.

Graduation RC-MBA Oct 14, 2014October 14. I was happy to represent the Dean François Julien and Director Michel Nedzela at the graduation ceremony that took place in the main hall of the Academia de Studii Economice of Bucharest Business School's. The graduates of the Romanian-Canadian MBA 2012-2014 cohort appear with Vice-Dean Alin Angheluta, Dean Carmen Paunescu, myself, and Neil Swain, Trade Commissioner at the Canadian Embassy in Romania.

October 10Chiocchio_Imbeault_Prudhomme_Oct_2014. I joined my colleagues researchers for the Institut de recherche de l'Hôpital Montfort's Annual assembly. Here I am with Dre Marie-Andrée Imbeault, Research coordinator and facilitator, and the instituts's Director Dr Denis Prud'homme

October 2. I was fortunate to be part of the firt meeting of Center for Executive Leadership's Advosory Council for the Complex Program Leadership. Thanks to Doug Dempster and Mercedes Zanon for inviting me. 


Spring/Summer 2014


August Chiocchio and Rabbat, August 201419. François-Xavier Rabbat defended his doctoral thesis on faultlines and team effectiveness with calm and confidence. Bravo FX, I am proud of having been your supervisor!

August 12. I am happy to report that I was appointed Departmental Editor for the "Individuals and Teams in the Ralm of Projects" track of the Project Management Journal.  I join colleagues Jonas Søderlund and Ralf Müller, both from the BI Norwegian Business School. I want to thank Carla Messikomer, Manager of Academic resources at PMI, and Hans Georg Gemuenden, Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Project Management for their trust.

August Advancing HR Resource Management1st.  Finally, the book Advancing Human Resource Project Management is available! My colleagues and I have worked hard to produce this book. Thank you to all authors who contributed.

June 26. I am very very happy to report that I have been awarded funding from l'Institut de recherche de l'Hôpital Montfort to study project management training in healthcare. My colleague Dr Richer and I will have 15,000$ to undertake the study Project management training in the hospital context: Toward trans-professional change. Thank you to Marie-Andrée Imbault for all her help.

I am pleased to announce that my student Isabelle Tremblay is the 2014 winner of the best research poster for her study entitled La collaboration comme levier contre l’intention de quitter  (Tremblay, Malo & Chiocchio, 2014)" awarded by the Société québécoise de psychologie du travail et des organisations (SQPTO). She also earned first place in the competition for the best research poster awarded by the Canadian Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (CSIOP) at the recent annual conference of the Canadian Psychological Association for her research entitled Team Identification - Team Performance Relationship: The Mediating Effect of Collaboration (Tremblay & Chiocchio, 2014). Congratulations Isabelle!

June 11. I was fortunate to be assessor of Xiaoxi Chang's masters' thesis and defence. She worked Dr Silvia Bonaccio on the topic of emotions and decision making in business contexts. She excelled in conducting a PhD-level study.  好样的 Xiaoxi !

June 6. There is a lot of exciting news from the Canadian Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology. My colleague Silvia Bonaccio was elected Present Elect for 2014-2015 and will therefore be President in 2015-2016. Isabelle Tremblay, whom I have the pleasure of supervising for here PhD, is now Student Representative. Finally, I will continue on the Executive as Program Director for the next two conferences: Ottawa in 2015 and Victoria in 2016.

June 5-6. I was very happy to take part in a strategic research retreat with colleagues from the RENARD research group.  Thanks to Christian Dagenais (Université de Montréal) and Nathalie Houlfort (UQAM) for helping us plan the next few years of research in knowledge transfer.

May 29. Montfort hospital's Research Institute held its first day of strategic planning since the hospital got its university status. I was great to craft the main research tracks we will work on. Thanks to Dr Denis Prud'homme and the rest of the team at the Institute for organizing this important gathering.

May 26-27. I delivered a 2-day workshop titled Project Management for I/0 Psychologists to graduate students of the University of Guelph. Gloria González-Morale and Peter Hausdorf had the idea of providing junior consultants at OMS Consulting with tools and techniques to help them deliver high-impact projects more successfully. This workshop was a challenging yet rewarding opportunity for me. Thanks Gloria and Peter!

May 23. I got to discuss teamwork and collaboration in healthcare teams with Elizabeth Howell. Elizabeth is a journalist at the Ottawa Business Journal. She is working on an article to appear in Ottawa HR magazine. Hopefull I made enough sens to help here write here peice.

May 15. SIOP 2014 was exciting. I was very proud to chair a panel discussion on Challenges facing project teams: Towards a specific research agenda. Panelist were Steve Kozlowski (Michigan State University), Brian Hobbs (ESG-UQAM), Edwardo Salas (University of Central Florida) and Richard Klimoski (Gorge Mason University). This panel echoes the one I chaired at SIOP 2011 titled “Human factors” in project management research: Where is I/O psychology? This year's panel shows we made great progress on this issue!

Winter 2014

April 23. I am very happy to annonce that Dr Jean-Nicolas Dubé has sucessfully obtained his MSc degree. Dr Paule Lebel and I co-supervised Jean-Nicolas and are very proud with his research on collaboration in intensive care units. 

Chiocchio_Compaoré_Avril_2014April 12.Chiocchio_Sovadogo_Avril_2014 I developed a feedback process for health professionals as part of a research project on leadership and collaboration in interprofessional teams. Here I am (picture on the left) providing multisource feedback to Dr. Justin Savadogo, Chief Medical Officer of the District of Kaya. 

April 10. It is with great pleasure that I met Dr. Philippe Compaoré (picture on the right), Technical services, Funding Based on the Results, of Burkina Faso's Ministry of Health. We discussed a research project on the effect of team-level performance-based pay on interprofessional collaboration.

April 9. With Dr. Sodiomon Sirima, Director of the National Centre for Research and Training on Malaria (CNRFP) we discussed the preparations for the study that I will conduct with Lavagnon Ika (Telfer School of Management), Kathleen Bois (John Molson School of Business), on the theme of leadership for managers of scientific research projects.

March 19. Today Marie-Claire Richer and I launched the first phase of the Collegial Collaboration Project where the objective is to train trainers in project management and inter-professional collaboration. In the coming weeks 15 health professionals from McGill University Health Center will become trainers for healthcare project teams.

March 15. I was very proud to represent Telfer to future students at the Spring Open House that was held today. I was with Dana Hyde, Assistant Professor and Undergraduate Program Director, Valérie Massé, Academic Advisor – International Exchange and Scholarships Programs, and Philippe Cloutier, 4th year student. 

March 11. chiocchio_CBA_march2014It is with great pleasure that I met several members of the business community in Cornwall during my visit to Cornwall Business Association where I made a presentation on the challenges and opportunities of teamwork. I thank Don MacIntosh (pictured with me) for inviting me.

March 4. I am now a member of the Canadian Health Human Resource Network CHHRN. I am grateful to Ivy Bourgeault for the invitation.

February 25. I joined the Jeux du commerce team as coach of the Human Resource team. I thank the Telfer School of Management's students who bestowed me with their trust.

February 19. I was honored to learn that the Board of Directors of Montfort Renaissance inc. nominated me as Administrator on the Board for a three-year term. Many thanks to Board Director Michelle de Courville Nicol and Board member Roger Régimbal for meeting with me during the selection process. I also want to thank CEO Jeanne-Hélène Tardivel and Physical and technological ressources Director Patrick Miron for a great overview of Montfort Renaissance inc.'s mission, values, and operations. 

February 5. A profile of my work and research interests is posted on the website of the Telfer School of Management and a Tweet is sent in Telfer's social media. Thanks to Conrad McCallum (Research) and Patrick Arsenault (Marketing) for their work.

February 5. After several months of preparatory work, the research project titled "Project Management and Trans-professional Collaboration Training: Its Impact During Organizational Transitions" has received funding of $ 10,000 from the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC). I am pleased to join with several colleagues including Marie-Claire Richer, Director, Office of Transition and Annik Ebacher Directorate of Human Resources. The project aims to empower healthcare teams to successfully manage their change projects.

January 14. Career Center's Emilie Kitchen and Marion Lajoie came to my Human Resource Management class for a second semester to help students with their selection interview skills. The students and I were very appreciative.

Fall 2013

December 19. Ten years ago, Caroline Lacasse was sitting in the first row of my undergraduate psychometrics class. Today she defended here PhD thesis sucessfully. Her thesis is titled Working in geographically distributed project mode: Measuring skills, collaboration and individual performance according to the degree of virtualness [French] . Congratulations Caroline, it was a pelasure being your supervisor. 

December 19. Colleagues Lavagnon Ika (Telfer School of Management), Kathleen Bois (John Molson School of Business), and I just got funding for a project titled Project Leadership and Teamwork in High Power Distance Matrix Structures : The Case of African Science Projects. We will be in Burkina Faso in 2014-2015 to conduct this study!  

The year ends with a bang as I just learned that the Scientific Committee of the Institut de Recherche de l'Hôpital Montfort has appointed me Affiliated researcher until 2016. Research and Scientific Director Dr Prud'homme explains that "The research priorities of the IRHM centre on mental health, primary health care, nutrition and metabolism, and family health". My role at the Institute will be to to study interdisciplinary collaboration in health teams and how service improvement projects are managed.

December 10. I am happy to report that Lucie Richard and colleagues' article on Communities of practice was accepted for publication in Healthcare Policy. Find out more in my publications section.

Here I am on NovemberSavadogo, Chiocchio, Kouanda; Nov 21 21 in Kaya (100 km North of Ouagadougou) with Dr Justin SAVADOGO (Cheif Disctict Physician) and Dr Séni KOUANDA (Epidémiologist at the Institut de Recherche en Sciences de la Santé). Both played a central role in the study I am conducting on leadership and interprofessioanl collaboration in CHSPs.

I have learned with great pleasure today (Novembre 20) that my panel discussion with Steve Kozlowski (Michigan State University), Brian Hobbs (ESG-UQAM), Edwardo Salas (University of Central Florida) and Richard Klimoski (Gorge Mason University) titled Challenges facing project teams: Towards a specific research agenda has been accepted for SIOP 2014. Similarly, a paper I have co-authored with my former PhD student Simon Grenier (Optimum Talent) will also be featured in a symposium organized by Marylène Gagné (University of Western Australia) titled New Applications of Self-Determination Theory to the Work Domain. See you in May in Hawaii!

Appearning in this picture taken November CSPS Basnéré19 are members of the Center for Health and Social Promotion (CHSP) at Basnéré (30 km North-West of Kaya) accompanied by Dr Antarou Ly (fare right), with whom I am teamed up on the study on leadership and interprofessional collaboration in Burkina Faso's CHSP.

November 14. Career Center's Emilie Kitchen and Marion Lajoie were nice enough to present on how to have successful selection interviews to my Human Resource Management students. Warm thanks to both of them!

On November 11th, I spent the day in Washington DC with colleagues Richard Klimoski (George Mason University), Beverly Dugan (HumRRO) and Carla Messikomer (Project Management Institute). We worked on our book. In addition to revising its 20 chapters we also decided to change the title to Managing Human Resource Projects. If all goes well it should be out in 2014.

On November 4th I was a great pleasure to be on Isabelle Bonneau's doctoral thesis project defense committee. She is working on the topic of leadership in project teams. Colleagues Kathleen Boies (Concordia's John Molson School of Business) and I, along with co-supervisors Brian Hobbs and Kathleen Bentein (ESG - UQAM), agreed that she did an excellent job. Bravo Isabelle! 

On November 2nd I got to present at the 15th International Leadership Association Global Conference on the topic of coaching and leadership in project teams.  The presence of colleagues Kathleen Boies (Concordia's John Molson School of Business), Louis Baron (ESG - UQAM) and Christina Clausen (McGill) made it even more fun.

It was with gread releif (43 minutes before the deadline on November 1st...) and satisfaction that our team submitted a 796,006$ grant proposal to the Canadian Institute of Health Research's Partnerships for Health System Improvement program. Learn more about the project, the team and our partners here

On October 23, I substituted for my colleague Laurent Lapierre who was teaching at Bucharest School of Management's MBA program run in partnership with the Telfer School of Business. I was happy to teach on my favourite organisational behaviour topic: team dynamics.

On October 22nd, University of Guelph colleagues Gloria González-Morale, Peter Hausdorf, and I submitted to the Mental Health Commission of Canada a grant proposal titled Building the case for implementing the National Standard for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace: Case studies of organizational initiatives and best practices. If all goes well and we get the funding, my role will be to study the project management aspect of implementing the Standard. Exciting !

Along with many colleagues from business schools across Canada, I took part in the Business School Roundtable: Psychological Health and Safety on the Curriculum event in Halifax on October 16. It was sponsored by Great West Life's Work place strategies for mental health. Thanks to Mary Ann Baynton, Program Director, Kevin Kelloway (Saint Mary’s Univerisity) and Gloria González-Morales (University of Guelph) for hosting the event and inviting me. 

It was a great experience to present (The Art of Teamwork in the Project Context) and meet with project managers at the 2013 National Capital Project Management Symposium on October 2nd. The Symposium is a yearly event organised by the Project Management Institute's Ottawa Valley Outaouais Chapter.

September 25, 2013. The article EDUCATING IO PSYCHOLOGISTS FOR SCIENCE AND PRACTICE: A CANADIAN PERSPECTIVE co-authored with colleagues Blake Jelley and Silvia Bonaccio has been accepted! It will be published in Industrial and Organizational Psychology: Perspectives on Science and Practice. 

On September 23 I was happy to substitute for my colleague Renée Michaud in her class on selection class. I discussed the leagal issues pertinent to selection.

September 24, 2013. It is with great pleasure that I welcomed my former student Karine Savaria from CFC Dolmen in my class on staffing and recruitment. Karine gave a greatly appreciated lecture on the role of consulting firms in staffing. Thank you Karine!

September 11, 2013. I was asked to discuss the challenges of teamwork. Read the short interview.

September 6, 2013. I survived my first week of teaching!

September 4, 2013. With my colleague Silvia Bonaccio and many other collaborators from across Canada, we just had a paper titled BRIDGING DIVIDES IN INDUSTRIAL AND ORGANISATIONAL PSYCHOLOGY IN CANADA: AN ACTION-ORIENTED COLLABORATIVE FRAMEWORK accepted for publcation in Canadian Psychology.

Spring-Summer 2013

July 1, 2013. Very happy to start a new chapter of my career today as Associate professor of Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management at University of Ottawa's Telfer School of Management.

June 18, 2013. I am happy to have been awarded funding to validate an instrument designed to assess socially inappropriate behaviours. Thanks to Jean Gagnon (Université de Montréal) who included me in his project. 

June 7, 2013. It was an honnor to be on Louis-Pierre Sarrazin's doctoral defence committee. Bravo Louis-Pierre !

June 7, 2013. I gave a training session on change management from a project management perspective to about 15 physicians from all over Québec. Thanks to Hugues de la Chevretière and Paule Lebel for their support. More information [French].

June 6, 2013. A very interesting meeting took place with Marie-Claire Richer and her MUHC colleagues. We hope to start a new and improved version of the project management and interprofessional collaboration training for health care professionals program and study its impact in an organisational change context. 

June 6, 2013. It was great to meet with Christine Roberge and Audrey-Maude Mercier from the CHUM. We discussed their potential participation in the Partnerships project.

June 5, 2013. I was happy to be on Xiaoxi Chang's thesis proposal committee along side my colleague Magda Donia. Xiaoxi was brilliant! She is supervised by Silvia Bonaccio and her topic is decision making. 

Essiembre, Lebel, Chiocchio, May 2013May 29. With my colleague Hélène Essiembre, we chaired 2 workshops on multi-source feedback processes performed on health care professionals and their patients. See Forum RUIS 2013 [French]. A video will be available soon [French]. On the picture we see Hélène, Paule Lebel (Chair of the Partnership in health program) and me.

ANNOUNCEMENT: I am currently looking for a University of Ottawa’s Telfer School of Management graduate student interested in an internship starting in Mai 2014. Interested students should see my research interests, the Mitacs program, and email me.

It is with immense pleasure that Telfer School of Management colleagues Silvia BonaccioMagda DoniaLaurent Lapierre, Jane O'Reilly, Sharon O'Sullivan, as well as Alice Eagly (Northwestern University) and I were awarded 2 years of research funds to study executive presence and the impact of non-verbal behaviour of men and women leaders. I am happy to be part of the team. Thank you Silvia for your leadership!

I learned on May 2 that I received funding by the RENARD Team to develop an instrument to assess the extent to which organizations support the mobilization of knowledge in mixed project teams of scientists and practitioners.

On May 2, the PMI project team officially launched its Stress and Performance in Health Care Project Teams book at the Colloque international en éducation. It was an excellent opportunity for researchers to learn about the long term effects of the project in the health facilities. For practitioners, it was an opportunity to learn of the main results that emerged from the study. Thank you all for your participation and enthusiasm.

Winter 2013

My colleague Denis Morinmy student Isabelle Tremblay and I just met with Chantal Lamoureux (Divisional cheif of Organisational developpement and diversity) at the STM on the possibility to conduct an applied research there. The STM is a leader in public transport with many awards.

SIOP-Houston was a success! It was great to meet with colleagues from all over. I presented on the topic of teams in health care and my student Isabelle Tremblay presented a poster (you can acces these presentations in "Publications and Conferences"). 

I am proud to announce that I David Paradis’ jury accepted his master’s thesis entitled "Performance and motivation at work: a cyclical dynamic? ". Excellent work David!

I attended Andrew Hayes' workshop on Mediation, Moderation, and Conditional Process Analysis. Interesting!

I am fortunate enough to be featured in Organizational Behaviour, 2nd CDN Edition: Improving Performance and Commitment in the Workplace (McGraw-Hill) as an up and coming scholar in team research along people like Catherine Connely (DeGroote School of Business) and colleague Silvia Bonaccio (Telfer School of Business) and other Canadian scholar heavy weights Arla DayNatalie Allen, and John Meyer. Special thanks to Ian Gellatly (Alberta School of Business) for including me.

Congratulations to Geneviève Beaulieu who defended here thesis on February 21, 2013. Her thesis was titled [in French] Developping satisfaction of employees' psychological needs: Assessment of affective, behavioural, and motivational effects of a training module designed for managers.

February 14. I gave a talk [in French] to the project manager comunity of the Québec Public Service. My topic was Stress in project work. Information.

February 8. Launch of www.FrancoisChiocchio.com 

On February 8th I presented at the University of Ottawa Telfer School of Management's Management Research Seminar Series on the challenges of managing and studying project teams. Information.

I was in Africa from January 7 to 21 for an exploratory mission designed to understand how healthcare services are organized and rendered in Burkina Faso. The mission is a first step in developing a research protocol aiming at studying leadership and inderprofessional collaboration in health teams across districts. These activities fall within Valéry Ridde's grant on Health and Fairness.

Fall 2012

2895 people visited this site in 2012; a significant drop from last year. Its time to upgrade my web presence in 2013.

On December 19, Simon Grenier successfully defended his thesis titled FROM INDIVIDUAL TO TEAM REGULATION: THEORETICAL AND EMPIRICAL INTEGRATION OF SELF-DETERMINATION THEORY IN WORK TEAMS. Marylène Gagné (Co-supervisor) and I are very proud. Bravo Simon!

I am pleased to announce that several articles and presentations to which I participated with colleagues and students have been accepted to major conferences. Daniel Spooner (Polytechnique) and I will present a paper entitled Collaborative Multidisciplinary design teams at the CDIO conference to be held in Boston in June 2013. The symposium Exploring the Science of Team Training in Healthcare has been accepted at SIOP to be held in April 2013. Paule Lebel, François-Xavier Rabbat and I will have the opportunity to present our paper Healthcare project teams: Initial evidence of project management training efficacy . Always within the SIOP conference in Houston TX, Isabelle Tremblay, Marie Malo and I present the poster entitled Perceptions of cooperation as leverage against intention to leave. I want to congratulate these two students who have shown great leadership in this project!

The book Stress and Performance in Health Care Project Teams is now available at PMI publishing. Thanks to all the team for their important contributionon to this publication.

Spring-Summer 2012

I joined Richard Klimoski (George Mason University), Beverly Dugan (HumPRO) and Carla Messikomer (Project Management Institute) as co-editor of an upcoming SIOP Professional Practice / Jossey-Bass book titled THE ART AND SCIENCE OF MANAGING HUMAN RESOURCE PROJECTS.

The paper titled INFORMATIONAL ROLE SELF-EFFICACY: A VALIDATION IN INTERPROFESSIONAL COLLABORATION CONTEXTS INVOLVING SERVICE AND PROJECT TEAMS co-written with Facultu of Medicine colleagues Paule Lebel et Jean-Nicolas Dubé won the Honorable Mention award for Organizational behavior at ASAC 2012.

Claire Dumouchel's Master thesis titled LEARN, PERFORM OR AVOID: THE EFFECT OF GOAL ORIENTATION ON CONFLICT TYPE AND ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE AMONG COLLEGE STUDENTS INVOLVED IN AN EDUCATIONAL PROJECT [French] was positively received by the evaluation committee. Bravo Claire for your M.Sc.!

I am happy to report that I will start my one year mandate as Chair of the Organizational Behavior division of ASAC as well as a one year mandate as Chair of the Canadian Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology.

Winter 2012




The manuscript for our monograph STRESS AND PERFORMANCE IN HEALTH CARE PROJECT TEAMS  was sent to the theProject Management Institute's publishing department. All the hard work has paid off! Warm thanks to my co-authors Paule Lebel, Pierre-Yves Therriault, Andrée Boucher, Carolyn Hass, François-Xavier Rabbat, and Jean-François Bouchard.

Fall 2011

4178 people visited this site in 2011; a 20% increase from last year.

With my colleague Denis Morin from UQAM's School of Business Administration, we met with human resource representatives from Montreal's transport company STM for a leadership management project. STM recently won first prise for best transport company in North America.

The fall was very busy for three of my graduate students. Geneviève Leblanc, Karine Savaria, and Hélène Essiembre submitted their PhD thesis and will defend orally in the winter.

November 28 I met my colleagues from theUniversité de Montréal's Public Health Research Institute (IRSPUM), where I discussed the effectiveness of work teams in the health care sector. Informations[French].

On November 10, I presented on the topic of collaboration, learning, and innovation at the Roland-Giguère Center for Learning and Training Technologies. Informations[French].

On 26 October I gave a lecture at the theGP-Québec conference. I discussed the importance of the 'human factor in project teams.  Informations [French].

Spring/Summer 2011

I had the opportunity to meet with employees from many organizations (Groupe Technologie DesjardinsCIMA+ Partenaire de génieÉcole nationale d'administration publique) after being invited to give talks on motivation in project teams.

The paper titled TEAMWORK IN INTEGRATED DESIGN PROJECTS: UNDERSTANDING THE EFFECTS OF TRUST, CONFLICT, AND COLLABORATION ON PERFORMANCE was chosen one of the 10 best papers submitted to IRNOP 2011. A total of 117 submissions from 30 countries were submitted this year. Many thanks to my coauthors Daniel Forgues, David Paradis et Ivanka Iordanova for their excellent work.

Under Marie-Josée Fleury's leadership as Principal Investigator, we received a $ 715,223  research grant from the FRSQ(2011-2014) for a study titled Assessing the mental health reform: Services' network integration and performance. My role will be to invistigate inter-organizational collaborations.

I was nominated Affiliated Professor at the Department of Medicine of the  Faculté de Médecine at  l'Université de Montréal.

Winter 2011

It is with great pleasure that I learned of my nomination as researcher at the Université de Montréal's Research Institute on Public Health.

January and February will be busy months. I will give many talks [in French] on myresearch themes in various organisations:Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de MontréalBanque Nationale and Faculté de l'aménagementInformations.

On February 11, I gave my workshop on how to create a poster and take part in a poster session [in French] to Université de Montréal's psychology department students. Informations.

EAWOP organisers (Maastricht, May 2011) accepted the two papers I submitted:CONFLICT AND CONFLICT ASYMMETRY OVER TIME: THE STRANGE CASE OF PROJECT TEAMS and A MULTILEVEL-MULTISOURCE STUDY OF SITUATIONAL EXTRINSIC MOTIVATION, GOAL COMMITMENT AND COLLABORATION IN PARTIALLY DISPERSED TEAMS WITH DISTRIBUTED RESOURCES.  I would like to thank myu colleaguesDaantje Derks (Erasmus University Rotterdam) and Guido Hertel (University of Muenster) as well as Carolyn Hass, Marie Malo and Geneviève Mageau (Université de Montréal) for their precious contributions.

Fall 2010

Annual SIOP conference organizers (Chicago, April 2011) accepted my proposal to chair a Panel Discussion titled"HUMAN FACTORS” IN PROJECT MANAGEMENT RESEARCH: WHERE IS I/O PSYCHOLOGY?Panellists will be Dr. Carla Messikomer (head researcher at the Project Management Institute), Dr. Brian Hobbs (director of the Project Management Research Chair), Dr. Natalie Allen (SIOP Fellow and TeamWorkLab Director), and Dr. Cheryl Lamerson (Canadian Forces Chief Psychologist, ret.).

I gladly accepted Kevin Kelloway's invitation to review the Canadian Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology's (CSIOP) submissions in preparation to CPA's conference in June 2011.

On November 26th, I presented on psychometric and technological challenges of multi-source assessment implementations [French]. Information.

On November 23rd, I gave a talk - in French - on motivation of project teams in the public sector at the Government of Québec's Center for Leadership and Competency Development. Information.

On November 12th I trained a group of juges that assessed the work of integrated design teams on the Écol'Hotel K project.Information. [French].

October saw the 20,000th visitor navigate this site.

I became Research associate at theProject Management Research Chairsituated at UQAM's School of Management. Internationally recognised centre of excellence in project management research, the Chair is the largest group of scholars specialized in project management in the world.

On September 26th I providing training on the GreenStorming project  Information. [French].

On Octobre 20th, I gave a talk on the topic motivation in project teams to corporate members of the Montreal chapter of the Project Management InstituteFind out more.

The article titled THE EFFECTS OF COLLABORATION ON PERFORMANCE: A MULTILEVEL VALIDATION IN PROJECT TEAMS has been accepted for publication in International Journal of Project Organisation and Management

Spring/Summer 2010

I will serve as Guest Editor for a special issue of the International Journal of Project Organisation and Management on the topic of FUZZY PROJECTS: CONCEPTUAL AND EMPIRICAL DEVELOPMENTS IN THE MANAGEMENT OF ATYPICAL PROJECTS. Click here for the CALL FOR PAPERS.

On june 23, Ève-Marie Poulin, a student I co-advised with  Michel Alain from UQTR, sucessfully defended here doctoral thesis titled LES HABILETÉS COGNITIVES ET LES TRAITS DE PERSONNALITÉ COMME PRÉDICTEURS DE LA PERFORMANCE DES ENQUÊTEURS LORS D’INTERROGATOIRES AVEC SUSPECT . Bravo Ève-Marie !

On June 8, I presented at the Project Management Research Chair on the topic of stress in project teams. [French].Information.

At the Administrative Sciences Association of Canada's (ASAC) annual conference May 23-25 in Regina, I was nominated for a three year term Organizational Behaviour's Academic Reviwer (year 1), Program Chair (year 2), and Division Chair (year 3). Thanks to  Silvia Bonaccio,Marylène Gagné and Catherine Connellyfor suggesting my name.

The article titled ROLE CONFLICT AND SELF-EFFICACY AMONG EMPLOYED PARENTS: AN INTERACTIVE FOCUS has been accepted for publication in Gender, Work & Organization.

A research project I will oversee Kevin Kelloway (Saint-Mary's University) titldedTESTING DEMAND–CONTROL THEORY IN PROJECT ENVIRONMENTS USING A MULTILEVEL LONGITUDINAL DESIGN will be financed by SSHRC (2010-2013) for a total of 62,800$.

I presented on the topic of collaboration in project teams to colleagues from UQAM school of business (ESQ) on April 29. [French].  Information.

Winter 2010

The DYNAMICS OF TEAM CONFLICTsynposium will be part of the Academy of Management conference program that will be held in Montreal in August. Presenters include Natalie Allen et Thomas A O'Neill (University of Western Ontario),Catherine A. Loughlin et Margaret C. McKee (Saint-Mary's University),Elizabeth Kelley (Dalhousie University), Joy Klammer (Royal Military College of Canada), and Simon Grenier (Université de Montréal).

Daniel Forgues (ETS-UQAM) and I presented on project management to professors and students from Concordia Univeristy.

3 presentations showcasing students from my Team Dynamics Research Group (François-Xavier Rabbat, Katia Nelson, Marie Malo, Julie-Élaine Phaneuf, David Paradis) have been presented at the 32nd annual SQRP conference.

The presentation titled CAN COLLABORATION BETWEEN PROJECT TEAM MEMBERS REDUCE PROJECT-RELATED STRESS? has been accepted and will be delivered at the  2010 Research and Education Conference in Washington, DC this summer.

I will represent the Canadien Society for Industrial and Organisational Psychology(CSIOP) on SIOP's International Committee. Our first meeting will be held in Atlanta, GA in April during the 25th edition of SIOP's annual conference.

On February 5th, I had the pleasure to meet with graduate students in architecture. [French]  Informations.

The new year starts with a presentationJanuary 21stfor  for students interested in contributing to a research project [French]. Information.

Fall 2009

A research project I will oversee with my colleagues from the School of Medecine Pierre-Yves Therriault, Paule Lebel, Andrée Boucher et Bernard Charlin titled CAN COLLABORATIVE SKILLS HELP HEALTH CARE PROJECT TEAMS ATTENUATE THE IMPACT OF STRESS? was awarded the full grant of 50,000 US$ in research funds from the Project Management Institute Research Program for 2010-2011. PMI received 187 research proposals in their program and ours is one of 7 that will benefit from a grant.

On November 13th, 2009, I gave a talk to the members of the industrial and organisational psychology program at University of Western Ontario on the topic of critical processes in project teams.Information.

I presented at Ottawa's Industrial and Organisational Psychology Group on managing project team performance on October 30, 2009.  Information.

I have been appointed on the Editorial Board of the International Journal of Project Organisation and Management on October 26th, 2009. I thank Professor John Wang for this two year appointment.

I presented at the  PMI-OVOC 9th Annual Symposium on Project Management on October 15, 2009. The title of my presentation was  IS THE PMBOK® UP TO SPEED WITH HR ISSUES? YES! (IF YOU ARE A 1960’S PROJECT MANAGER).

Kevin Kelloway invited me to give two talks at the CN Center for Occupational Health & Safety. On September 28, 2009, my topic was stress in project teams. The next day, my topic was the Demand-Control-Support model. Information.

Spring-Summer 2009

I attended two workshops on Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) with Barbara M. Byrne during Toronto's 117th APA Annual Convention August 6-7, 2009.

On June 12th, I was elected on the CSIOPexecutive as Communications Coordinator for a two year term. Thanks to Steve Harvey and Kibeom Lee who nominated me.

My PMP title was renewed by the Project Management Institute the until 2013.

The 2009 CSIOP Institute gathered 66 participants – a record ! Thanks to our presenters.  

Philippe Longpré, a graduate student from our work and organisational psychology program, successfully submitted and orally defended his research project, processes for which I was Chair of his jury.


I am now on sabbatical for one year.

As of June 1st 2009, I am promoted to the rank of associate professor.

Winter 2009

On April 29th,  Lucie Houle, a student I advised, successfully defended her thesis. She is now a PhD. Congratulations Lucie !


A team chaired by Serge Brochu, and of which I am a member, received a 5-year $1,000,000 grant from SSHRC (CURA program 2009-2014) on the topic of Life trajectories and service trajectories of drug and alcohol dependent beneficiaries of government services. My role will be to focus specifically on Interorganisational collaboration among governmental agencies.


Together with my colleague  Jacques Forest from UQAM, I co-chair the CSIOP Institute 2009 that will take place on June 10th in Montreal. For more information on the program, click here. To register, click here.

On February 20th, I made a presentation at the Center for learning in health sciences (CPASS). For more information [in French],click here.

Caroline Lacasse, a graduate student in our I/O program that I advise passed her oral exam and project defense.

Simon Grenier, a graduate student in our I/O program that I advise with Marylène Gagné passed his oral exam and project defense.

I received the title of Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP) by theOrdre des conseillers en ressources humaines agréés.

The article A project management perspective on student's declarative commitments to goals established within asynchronous communication was accepted in the The article ROLE CONFLICT AND WELL-BEING AMONG EMPLOYED MOTHERS: THE MEDIATING EFFECTS OF SELF-EFFICACY was accepted for publication in  Gender in Management: An International Journal.

Fall 2008

The article A project management perspective on student's declarative commitments to goals established within asynchronous communication was accepted in the Journal of Computer Assisted Learning.

Winter 2008

On April 9th, I was a Member of the jury for Catherine St-Sauveur 's thesis defence. She is now a PhD.

On March 8th, I gave a training session on team effectiveness at the École de technologie supérieure (engineering school) during the Écologez 2008 compteition. A documentary was shot that provide insight into the competition. For more information [in French], click here.

Along with other activities leading to the fourth edition of our department's Annual Scientific Day, I presented a new workshop on January 24th on how to summarise scentific articles; 19 students attended the workshop. On February 28th I also gave my workshop on how to make and present a poster on February 28th. Approximately 10 students participated.

On February 20th, I gave a talk on project team effectiveness to 150 business people put together by the Montreal chapter of the Project Management Institute. For more information [in French}, click here.

On February 5th, through my affiliation to the Center for the Study and Training in Higher Education (CEFES) I gave for a forth time my workshop titled Introduction to teaching by projects. For more information [in French], click here.

On January 1st, 2008, I launched the new version of this web site. After more than 10,000 visitors since its opening in January 2005 the design and navigation has been revamped. The home page is now bilingual and the menu on the left is simplified and more efficient. 

Fall 2007

Between January and December 2007, this web site welcomed 5406 visitors, a 141% increase compared to 2006.

The organizing committee of the Ministry of Education, Sports and Leisure Prize has nominated me member of the jury for the 2007-2008 edition of its annual Prize in the E-Learning category. Although a difficult task, I am happy I will get the opportunity to take stock of what the best in the field have produced.

I was invited by Mr. Jacques Frémont, Provost and vice-rector of Academic Affairs for a consultative meeting on present and future orientations of the Université de Montréal plans to upgrade classroom ergonomics. The meeting took place on December 13, 2007.

I was nominated Associate professor of the Center for the Study and Training in Higher Education (CEFES) by Ms. Sylvie Normandeau, Vice-dean of Academic Affaires. Associate professors’ role is to liaise between their faculty (in my case the Faculty of Arts and Sciences [FAS]) and the Centre in studying best practices in pedagogy.

It is with great enthusiasm that I have accepted to chair the 4th edition of the Department’s Annual Scientific Day. I am pleased to helped by a solid team comprised of Michel Sabourin, Department Chair, Christian Dagenais, Hugo Théorêt, Roxane de la Sablonière, Christopher Earls, Faculty colleagues, Catherine Toupin, Administrative support and Mélinda Roy, student representative.

In the context of my affiliation to the Center for the Study and Training in Higher Education (CEFES) I gave for a third time my workshop titles Introduction to teaching by projects. The workshop took place on October 31st, 2007. For more information,click here.

Partnering with the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine’s Veterinary Leadership Initiative, I gave a workshop on collaborative skills on September 19, 2007. For more on the workshop, click here. For more information on challenges facing veterinarians, pleaseclick here

Spring/Summer 2007

Introduction to psychometrics [Introduction à la psychométrie (PSY2003)], a course I teach to undergraduates) received the 2006-2007 Prize of the Ministry of Education in the Complementary course material category. For more information, click here.

Karine Savaria, a PhD candidate I have the privilege to co-advise, made a presentation to 80 professionals atDessau-Soprin, in addition to take part in two workshops given during their annual retreat on May 25th. The presentation was on collaboration in work teams. Another of my graduate students, Hélène Essiembrealso contributed to the success of the retreat.

On April 9th, I was a Member of the jury for Carmen Stoian's thesis defence. She is now a PhD.

Winter 2007

The Department of veterinary medecine [Faculté de médecine vétérinaire] is integrating activities regarding interpersonnel competencies to their program. In this context, I was asked to make a presentation on teaching methods based on project management. I gave my talk on April 18th 2007. For more information (in French), click here. I will also lead a workshop on collaborative teamwork in the fall; click here for a summary of the program (in French).

Along with other activities leading to the third edition of our department's Annual Scientific Day, I again presented my workshop on how to make and present a poster. For more information (in French),click here.

Through my involvement at the Centre for higher learning and training, [Centre d'études et de formation en enseignement supérieur (CEFES)] and for a second year, I gave a workshop to other faculty members titled "Introduction to teachiing by projects" [Introduction à l'enseignement par projet].

A partnership made with  the largest readaptation center for people with intellectual disabilities in Québec, [Centre de réadaptation en déficience intellectuelle Montérégie-Est], made it possible to graduate students in my "Assessing performance at work class" [Évaluer la performance au travail (PSY6712)] to perform a job analysis and provide useful recommendations on performance.  A meeting was held to that effect on April 5, 2007.

I had the pleasure to give an interview to Sophie Brouillet of La Presse on the topic of psychometric instruments in selection.

It is great great pleasure that I have joined a multidisciplinary team on drug and alcohol addiction (Centre Dollard-Cormier,  RISQCICC) on a grant proposal to  SSHRC (CURA program) titled «Life trajectories, addiction trajectories and service trajectories, understand to act». My contribution will be to investigate the extent to which collaboration between individuals and organizations affect service delivery and life trajectories of people with addictions.

Fall 2006

Between January and December 2006, this web site welcomed 3846 visitors, a 130% increase compared to 2005.

The  article PROJECT TEAM PERFORMANCE: A STUDY OF ELECTRONIC TASK AND COORDINATION COMMUNICATION was accepted for publication in the Project Management Journal.

Spring/Summer 2006

An interview I gave on the topic of interpersonal competencies to PM Network, an international trade journal targeting project managers, was published in their August edition (see  Publications).

The Public Service Commission of the province of Québec [Commission de la fonction publique du Québec] has just certified an instrument developed by a team of graduate students in industrial and organizational psychology I have supervised: Catherine St-Sauveur,Véronique Dagenais-Desmarais, Sophie Meunier et Philippe LeBrock.. To learn more on Certification, click here. The project is conducted in close collaboration with the province's Treasury Board Secretariat [Secrétariat du Conseil du trésor du Québec].

I joined the Committee on the renewal of the learning technology platform [Comité de travail sur le rehaussement de l'environnement numérique d'apprentissage (CENA)]. Headed by Mme Rhoda Weiss-Lambrou, Director of the Centre for higher learning and training, [Centre d'études et de formation en enseignement supérieur (CEFES)] and including many professors of different departments as well as representative of the IT Directorate [DGTIC], this committee's mandate is to propose recommendations for the new web-enabled learning environment upgrade. 

Winter 2006

I am very proud to announce that Geneviève Leblanc, a graduate student that I co-advise with Jean-Pierre Blondin, was awarded a prize for the best poster in industrial and organizational psychology during the Department of Psychology's  second annual Scientific Day. The prize was sponsored by Dolmen capital humain Inc., an I/O firm.

Following an invitation from Huges Rivard, Chairholder of the Canada Research Chair in Computer-Assisted Engineering for Sustainable Building Design and Professor in the Department of Construction Engineering at l'École de technologie supérieure, I made a presentation titled Aspects humains de la communication: Au carrefour de la gestion de projets et de la gestion de l’innovation.

Fall 2005

After a great first edition, I am happy to announce that, together with my colleagues  Denis CousineauGeneviève,MageauCéline Moquin and our department's chair  Michel Sabourin, I am part of the organizing committee of the Psychology department's Scientific Day.  The Scientific Day will take place on March 28th 2006. It is an exciting project and I invite all our students and faculty to participate. For more information visit our web site here.

I participated in the CRITEOS's 2005 Forum held in Porto Alegre, Brazil on December 14-16 2005. My presentation was titled Healthy project teams: how declarative commitments lead to better coordination and trust.

A new agreement with the province's Secretary Board occurred regarding the creation and validation of In-Basket and Situational Judgement Tests.  Many students from our PhD program in I/O psychology are involved : Véronique Dagenais-Desmarais, Sophie Meunier, Philippe LeBrock and Catherine St-Sauveur.

Spring/Summer 2005

I have been elected member of the Research Centre for Work, Health and Organizational Effectiveness (CRITEOS) coordinating committee for a two-year term.

Undergraduate students Hélène Essiembre and Caroline Lacasse have presented their work at the Canadian Psychology Association (CPA) annual convention held in Montreal. The said work was initiated within La Mesure en psychologie (PSY1003) winter 2004 course, and further developed throughout a practical research lab (PSY1007) during winter 2005.

Nadia Salvati, graduate student in the Research/Intervention industrial and organizational psychology program, whom I am supervising together with Luc Brunet, has presented at the Francophone Association for Knowledge [Association francophone pour le savoir (ACFAS)] convention in Chicoutimi and at the Canadian Psychological Association (CPA) convention in Montreal. She is finalist in the best student presentation category for her participation at the ACFAS.

Winter 2005

The Public Service Commission of the province of Québec [Commission de la fonction publique du Québec] has just certified an instrument developed by a team of three graduate students in industrial and organizational psychology I have supervised: Catherine St-Sauveur,Véronique Dagenais-Desmarais and Philippe LeBrock. The project is conducted in close collaboration with the province's Treasury Board Secretariat [Secrétariat du Conseil du trésor du Québec].

Undergraduate students Geneviève Beaulieu-Pelletier and Marie-Michèle Boisvert  have presented their study, undertaken throughout La Mesure en psychologie (PSY1003) winter 2004 course, at the Canadian Association of Psychosocial Oncology’s (CAPO) annual convention held in Vancouver. They were supervised by Marie Achille.

Fall 2004

I am pleased to announce the signing of an agreement regarding the introduction of a 3-year research program on web-based assessment issues. This research program is supported by industry leader Performance Assessment Networks.

Together with our department's chair Michel Sabourin, and fellow faculty members Denis CousineauAnnie Bernier and Hugo Théoret, I am very happy to be part of the organization committee of the first Scientific Day. We hope this day will become an annual event.  

Spring/Summer 2004

Thanks to the collaboration of the Communications department and students from the TV studio class (COM3500) we filmed six 30-minute TV shows covering pertinent topics taught in my psychometrics class La Mesure en psychologie (PSY1003).

I am very pleased to announce that I am the laureate of a 10,000 $ grant from the Research center on superior teaching and learning [Fonds de développement pédagogique du Centre d’études et de formation en enseignement supérieur (CEFES)] program for a project titled Managing collaborative learning projects [G-PAC : Gestion de projets d’apprentissages collaboratifs].

Winter 2004

I am happy I was awarded the Young researcher grant from the province's research on society and culture program (FQRSC).

Fall 2003

I had the pleasure to present at the  Société québécoise de psychologie du travail et des organisations (SQPTO). My presentation was titled Incidences pratiques des principales théories en psychométrie sur l’élaboration d’instruments de mesure [Practical incidences of main psychometric theories on measurement instrument development].

Spring/Summer 2003

I received the PMP title from the Project Management Institute  on August 19th.

I was hired as an Assistant professor at the Department of Psychology on August 3rd.



FrançoisFrancois Chiocchio (Nov 2914) Chiocchio is Associate professor of Organisational Behaviour and Human Resource Management at University of Ottawa's Telfer School of Management. He is the Montfort Research Chair in Organization of Health Services. He received his PhD in psychology from Université de Montréal (Canada) in 2002. His research focuses on change projects, teamwork, and collaboration in various organizational environments, including health care organizations in Canada and Africa. He has published books titled Stress and Performance in Health Care Project Teams (PMI), Advancing Human Resource Project Management (Wiley) and The Psychology and Management of Project Teams (Oxford University Press). His research has appeared in peer-reviewed journals (e.g., Journal of Interprofessional Care, BMC Health Services ResearchInternational Journal of Project Management, Journal of Vocational Behavior, Small Group Research). Measure and assessment specialist, he developed several instruments used for research or for personnel selection and competency development; work for which he was praised in Canada and in Quebec. He was awarded major funding from Tri-Council agencies and the Project Management Institute. He received the Telfer Excellence Award for his work in research, teaching and community service, and the Prize of the Ministry of Education for his use of participative technology in teaching. Dr Chiocchio collaborates very closely with graduate students as a research supervisor and has been HR Coach in various competitions. He served two years as an Administrator on the Board of Directors of Montfort Renaissance Inc. and on editorial team of Project Management Journal. He was the first Academic Leader of the Center for Executive Leadership's Masters of Business in Complex Project Leadership. He is currently Head of Pedagogical Innovation at the Telfer School of Management. Dr. Chiocchio also has strong management experience that stems from managing his consulting firm and having worked in the Canadian federal public service as a project manager.  Dr Chiocchio is one of the only academics specialized in industrial–organizational psychology certified as a Project Management Professional (PMP®) by the Project Management Institute, as a Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP) by the Ordre des conseillers en ressources humaines agréés (Québec) and as a Certified Human Resource Leader (CHRL) by the Human Resources Professionals Association (Ontario). 

Most recent version of my academic CV: Click here.



  • Awarded the Montfort Research Chair in the Organization of Health Services; 250 000$ over the next 5 years.
  • Awarded the Innovative Use of Educational Technology Excellence Award (3rd place).
  • Awarded the Joan Finegan Award for Service to CSIOP from the Canadian Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology.
  • Panelist at a joint event held by the Telfer School of Management and the Ottawa Outaouais Valley Chapter of the Project Management Institute in the wake of the upcoming launch of the Masters of Business in Complex Project Leadership of which I am Academic Leader. 
  • Awarded 77 000 $ as a Principal Investigator for a 2-year project titled Co-construction of medication reconciliation processes: a collaborative research on a training program focused on recognizing the needs and contributions of partners.
  • I was interviewed by Kate Joyner during my visit at the Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane where I met faculty and students from the Masters in Complex Project Management.


  • Won the 2015 Telfer Award of Excellence which recognizes a professor who exhibits excellence and academic leadership in teaching, research, and service.
  • Developped the proposal for a Masters of Business in Complex Project Leadership which was approved by School Council. 
  • I team I work with was awarded 1,000,000$ from the International Development Research Center and the Canadian Institutes of Health Research to work on motivation and performance pay in Mali and Burlkina Faso. 
  • I team I work with was awarded 1,000,000$ from the International Development Research Center and the Canadian Institutes of Health Research to work on change management in maternity and neonatal health in Bénin and Sénégal.  
  • Obtained tenure at the Telfer School of Management.
  • Coached HR undergraduates that placed 3re and 1st at Jeux du commerce and JDC Central competitions.




  • Elected for a one-year term as Chair on the national executive of  the Canadian Society for Industrial & Organizational Psychology (CSIOP).
  • Elected for a one-year term as Chair on the Organizational Behaviour division of he Administrative Sciences Association of Canada's (ASAC).
  • I will collaborate as co-investigator with Lucie Richard (Principal Investigator) on a project funded by CIHR's Partnerships for Health System Improvement (PHSI). We will study communities of practice with a budget of 120,000 $ for 2012-2014. My role is to examine the effectiveness of collaborative processes.
  • Under the direction of Valéry Ridde (Principal Investigator) i will collaborate as co-investigator on a study on health equity in Africa. This is a 1,250,000 $ project for 2012-2015 funded by CIHR. My role is to understand how collaboration within project teams with diverse members contributes to knowledge transfer.


  • Elected for a one-year term as Chair-Elect on the national executive of  the Canadian Society for Industrial & Organizational Psychology (CSIOP).
  • Elected Program Chair for the Organizational Behaviour division of he Administrative Sciences Association of Canada's (ASAC).
  • Under Marie-Josée Fleury's leadership as Principal Investigator, we received a $ 715,223  research grant from the FRSQ (2011-2014) for a study titled Assessing the mental health reform: Services' network integration and performance. My role will be to assess the efficiency and efficacy of multiprofessional clinical teams.
  • Thanks to the leadership of Dr. Paule Lebel and a $ 250,000 grant from Health Canada titled Partners in care: For collaborative practices among people with chronic illnesses, their families and health care providers, I am Co-investigator responsible for the creation of a diagnostic instrument which will be based on the perspectives of the entire health care team and that of patients and their families, to help teams maximize their collaborative practices (i.e., multi-source assessment, "360-degree").
  • Nominated Researcher at the Université de Montréal Public Health Research Institute (IRSPUM).




  • Nominated as an affiliated professor at the Centre for the Study and Training in Higher Education (CEFES).


  • Prize of the Ministry of Education for the Introduction to psychometrics class [Introduction à la psychométrie (PSY2003)]. 


  • Certification by the Public Service Commission of the Province of Québec for two situational judgement tests for level 5 executives. Certification is awarded by an independent committee of experts that attests that the selection instrument is valid, fair, and equitable. It is the first time an instrument developer has a second instrument certified -- the first was in 2005.
  • Three year renewal of my Project Management Professional title (PMP) by the Project Management Institute.


  • Certification by the Public Service Commission of the Province of Québec for two situational judgement tests for level 4 executives. Certification is awarded by an independent committee of experts that attests that the selection instrument is valid, fair, and equitable. This certification is a precedent.
  • Elected on the Board of directors of the Research Centre for Work, Health and Organizational Effectiveness (CRITEOS) for a two-year term. 


  • Laureate of a 10,000 $ grant from the Research center on superior teaching and learning [Fonds de développement pédagogique du Centre d?études et de formation en enseignement supérieur (CEFES)] program for a project titled Managing collaborative learning projects [G-PAC : Gestion de projets d?apprentissages collaboratifs].
  • Awarded the Young researcher grant from the province's research on society and culture program (FQRSC). ($35,000 over 3 years).


  • Hired as Assistant professor, I/O psychology, Université de Montréal
  • Certified as a Project Management Professional (PMP) by the Project Management Institute


  • Excellence Contribution to the Public Service Award for my work on multi-source assessments and 360° feedback instruments.

Professional itinerary

  • 2013 to this day Organisational Behaviour and Human Resource Management professor at the Telfer School of Management, University of Ottawa 
  • 2004 to this day President and CEO of GCC Enr. (2004) and RogareVox Inc. (2006). 
  • 2003 to 2013 Professor at the Université de Montréal's psychology department, Work and Organizational psychology program.
  • 1998-2003 Personnel Psychology Centre, Public Service Commission of Canada.
    • 360º Feedback Instruments and Services business line (1998-2001)
    • Project manager, Implementation of the On line tests en ligne system (2001-2003). 
  • 1994-1997 President and CEO of Activités de recherche en psychologie Enr.


  • 1995-2002 Ph.D. in psychology (Université de Montréal) on the measurement and fit of employee competencies and job requirements.
  • 1993-1995 M.Sc. in psychology (Université de Montréal) on the observation and assessment of behaviours.
  • 1990-1992 B.Sc. in psychology, Université de Montréal
  • 1984-1990 B.A. comprised of a
    • Certificate in Drug addiction prevention and treatment (1989-1990) and a
    • Major in Cinematography (1984-1986).

External service

Service to organisations and to the business community

  • 2014-2017 Board of Directors, Montfort Renaissance Inc.
  • 2014, Keynote speaker, Cornwall Business Association


  • Board of Directors of the Dairy Farmers of Canada
  • University of Ottawa
  • City of Montreal
  • Canadian Broadcasting Corporation - Société Radio-Canada
  • Canadian government - Aproximately 30 departements and agencies
  • Provincial government - Centre de services partagés du Québec
  • Lozeau L'Africain (lawyer firm)

Service to the scientific community and associations 

  • 2014-2016 Program Coordinator, Canadian Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology
  • 2013-2014 Past Chair, Canadian Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology
  • 2012-2013 Chair, Canadian Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology
  • 2012-2013 Chair, Organizational Behavior division, Administrative Sciences Association of Canada
  • 2011-2012 Incomming Chair, Canadian Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology
  • 2009-2011 Communications coordinator, Canadian Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology
  • 2011-2012 Program Chair, Organizational Behavior division, Administrative Sciences Association of Canada
  • 2010-2011 Academic Reviewer, Organizational Behavior division, Administrative Sciences Association of Canada

Internal service

Support for School activities

  • 2013-2014
    • Represented the Telfer School of Management at the Spring Open Doors event on March 15, 2014
    • Nominated as Coach to the HR team that will represent the Telfer School of Management at the 2015 Jeux du commerce.

Committe service

  • 2013-2014
    • Chaired Hadeed Al Yacoob's Masters defence
    • Jury for Xiaoxi Chang's Masters proposal and defence
    • Nominated on Telfer School of Management's Research Committee
    • Nominated on the School Council
    • Course coordinator for Human Resource Management (ADM2737) [French]
    • Jury in 4 faud cases
  • 2012-2013
    • Ethics Review Board, Arts & Sciences Faculty (CÉRFAS)
    • Delegate SGPUM
  • 2011-2012
    • Ethics Review Board, Arts & Sciences Faculty (CÉRFAS)
  • 2010-2011
    • Ethics Review Board, Arts & Sciences Faculty (CÉRFAS)
    • Internal Scholarship Comity, Department of Psychology
  • 2007-2008
    • Chair, 4th annual Scientific Day, Department of Psychology
    • Taskforce on Educational Assessment (FAS)
  • 2006-2007
    • Membre du Comité local d'intégration pédagogique paritaire du Département de psychologie
    • Taskforce on Educational Assessment (FAS)
    • Member of the e-learning environments group
  • 2005-2006
    • Team member, 2th annual Scientific Day, Department of Psychology
    • Taskforce on Educational Assessment (FAS)
    • Member of the e-learning environments group
  • 2004-2005
    • Team member, 1st annual Scientific Day, Department of Psychology
    • Selection commitee, Social Psychology position
    • Taskforce on Educational Assessment (FAS)
  • 2003-2004
    • Delegate SGPUM


Survey on Leadership, Collaboration and Innovation

  • General objective : Identify what allows leaders to foster collaboration and innovation within their project teams.
    Anyone in a position of leadership (business leader, unit manager, project manager) must rely on optimal collaboration between the people he/she leads. In addition, organizations, large or small, public or private, seek to facilitate innovative practices and/or innovative results. This survey will help leaders use their team's innovative capabilities more effectively.
  • Who is admissible? Any project team.
  • What is asked of participants in this survey? Complete a confidential and secure electronic survey of about 35 minutes.
  • What will participants get in return for their participation? We will provide participants (leaders AND teammates) with an individualized and confidential written feedback report based on their data on leadership, collaboration, and innovation
  • How to participate? The two step process is simple. First email me at chiocchio@telfer.uottawa.ca so we can configure your team(s). Then each team member will receive a private URL with an anonymous code to respond to a validated, secure, and confidential questionnaire. Once we have all the team's questionnaires filled, we produce and send the individual feedbacks via email.